You may want to copy this and send it to the seller


What year is the vehicle?
Where is it located?

What color is it?
What Is the actual milage if known?
Does the vehicle have a clear title?
Has the vehicle been garaged?


Rate the body on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being perfect
Is there rust? if yes please describe -
Describe any body/frame damage?
Condition of windows?
Are rear wheel wells cut for flares?
Are all body emblems present?
Has the vehicle been repainted? if yes, original color?
Has the top been removed?
Is there rust in the floors?
Please rate the tires - Excellent, Good, Fair, Need's replacing
Original Wheels and Hubcaps? If no,  please describe.

Engine and Mechanical

Rate the engine on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being excellent
Is this the original engine/transmission?
Has either engine/transmission been rebuilt?
Original carburetor or after market?

Has the smog equipment been removed?
What repairs does the engine/transmission need?
Does it leak fluids or burn oil?
Have you done a compression test?
Is the clutch in good working order?
Have brakes been serviced? When?
Transmission - in good working order - both high and low range?
Does it shift smoothly?
Does it have Power Steering?
How many inches of play in the steering?
Does it have Air Conditioning?
Is there a winch?
Is there Aux Fuel Tank?


Rate the interior on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being perfect
What is broken or missing on the interior?
Original seats, condition?
Headliner sagging or gone?
Original rubber mats?
Rear jump seats present?
Dashpads ripped or cracked?
Dash board cut out or drilled for add-on switches or stereo?
Original radio?
Do the following items work?








          Brake lights? 

Head lights?  

Turn Signals?

License plate lights?  




Instrument lighting?  

Interior Light?




Heater Front?

Heater Back?

Air Conditioning?


Do you have all the keys to the vehicle?
Is there service history or provenance - Oil Changes, Maintenance, etc.?
Are there additional parts that go with the vehicle?

Any additional add-ons, options, information

Questions about the Questions?
Contact Greg Overton -   

The devil is in the details. Don’t depend on descriptions like “Virtually Rust Free”, “Totally Restored”, “Minor scratches and dents”, “Good Tread” “Mint”, “Cream Puff”, “Extra Sharp”, “Runs Good” and other vague statements.

Everyone has their own definition of what is good and bad so ask lots of questions and be specific.